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standard headroom wire rope hoist

Standard Headroom - series HVAT 


  • 2 - 20 tons capacity

  • Up to 64m [210 ft] lifting heights  

  • 230v, 460v & 575VAC – 60Hz [50Hz available]

  • Two speed lifting motors

  • Single [VFD] and two speed trolley motors​

  • 4/1, 2/1 and 4-2/1 true vertical lift rope reevings  

Lifting & Trolley Motors

  • Rugged asynchronous electric lifting and trolley motors with conical rotor and fail safe integrated cooling fan brake

  • Spring loaded mechanical brake guarantees immobilization of load in case of a power outage

  • Thermal overload protection (Tp) on both the lifting and trolley motor protects your equipment and ensures maximum hoist life

  • FEM 9.511/ DIN 15020  - 2m duty rated [ISO 4301/1 M5] with unmatched industry standard of 40% working duty with 240 switches per hour  

  • Available in 230/460/575-3ph-60Hz supply  (380V-50Hz also available and European voltages)


Planetary Speed Reducer

  • Permanently oil bathed 3 stage planetary speed reducer with heat treated bevel geared teeth for quiet operation

  • Hidden inside the drum allows for a more compact hoist with better approach as well as higher capacity lifts at higher lifting heights  


Rope Guide

  • Two piece steel rope guide construction allows for easy assembly, prevents rope slack and extends wear life  

  • Machined to match the threaded contour of the drum for smooth operation 

  • Solid cast metal construction 

  • Guide rollers ensure even and consistent tracking



Motorized Standard Headroom Trolley

  • Standardized dual speed trolley motors with integrated speed reducers

  • Standardized anti-drop plates

  • Adjustable beam widths [100 ~ 360mm / 4” ~ 14”]

  • Heat treated forged steel travel wheels with bevel geared teeth for smooth, quiet operation



Hook Block

  • Spring loaded safety latch

  • Machine grooved rollers with bearings

  • Forged steel hook

  • 4/1 wire rope reeving

  • 2/1 reeving available for increased lift heights and quick lift speeds





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