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twin 5 ton TRSG cranes 2
3_2 tonne low headroom
5 tonne low headroom outdoor crane
low headroom 4by1 rope hoist
32t top running hoist
1t foot mounted 2by1 hoist
3_2t standard headroom 2by1 hoist
fab of 10 cranes
low headroom electric wire rope hoist
Elmot Electric Wire Rope Hoists
Built to last.
Our Company 
Kammi Cranes is the exclusive North American distribution partner 
of wire rope hoist manufacturer Elmot JSC. 
We work directly with local crane builders in Canada, the US and
Mexico to import wire rope hoists and offer protected markets through exclusive distribution rights on hoists and their spare parts.       
Our Products
Industrial grade wire rope hoists - built to last. 

Whether on your shop crane or one kilometre underground
in a Northern Canadian mine, Elmot wire rope hoists are
engineered and manufactured to ensure a long life, even
under the most rigorous conditions.

While the  low headroom model CVAT   is the optimal solution for single girder cranes keeping the hoist and trolley in a low profile to the crane girder for maximum working area under the hook, Elmot also manufactures  top running double girder KVAT series for double girder cranes, standard headroom HVAT for long lift applications and          foot/ deck mounted VAT models in a wide variety of lifting heights, voltages and speed configurations.
  • Capacity - Up to 32,000kg  [1/2 ton ~ 35 tons]
  • Lifting Height - Up to 50m [165ft]  with 20' 30' and 34' as standard
  • Voltages - 230, 460 and 575V-3ph in 60Hz  [50Hz available] 
  • Rope reeving - 4/1, 2/1  and  4-2/1 true vertical lift
  • Articulated trolleys - for curved track monorail with radius
  • Mechanical overloads [OL] and thermal overloads [Tp] 
  • CSA/ CSA UL certified
2024 Brochure PDF -  Electric Wire Rope Hoists
pg1 Kammi_ROPE Hoist pg 1 cover.jpg
Bridge Cranes UR SG_pg 6 V2 VII.jpg
pg9_Kammi_KVAT WRH_SPECS pg1 VII.jpg
low headroom electric wire rope hoist
top running electric wire rope hoist
foot mount electric wire rope hoist
standard headroom electric wire rope hoist

Rugged construction complemented by precision craftsmanship ensures a long life even under rigorous usage. 

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